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Search Help

The most important things to remember about using the search engine to locate a book:

  • Unless performing a special search (see below), only use alpha-numeric characters;
  • Searching is not case-sensitive (a search for lemoN will find "Lemon", "LEMON" and "LeMon", as well as all other variations of case.);

Under normal use, a search will locate items containing a match with ALL of the search terms used. Thus, an Author search for Anne Macleod would find all books whose author's name contains both "Anne" AND "Macleod".

Words can be excluded from a search by placing a minus-sign ( - ) immediately before the relevant word. There MUST be no spaces after the minus sign. An Author search for Anne -Macleod would find all books whose author's name contains "Anne" but does NOT contain "Macleod".

To locate a phrase, simply place double-quotes ( " ) around the exact string to be matched. For example, a search for "read basket" will locate matches for "read basket" but not "bread basket" or "read baskets".

A partial-match search is performed by adding an asterisk ( * ) at the end of the partial word you want to locate. For example, a search for abs* would find "absent", "absolute", "abscess", "absurd" and ALL other words starting with abs.

The "Display Options" settings allow you to customise your search further by allowing you to change how the results are sorted, the number of items displayed per page, the currency the item prices are converted into and the region or seller you wish to limit your seaching to.