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Bookzangle is a selling website which has grown out of the former bookseller co-operative The World Book Market (WBM), which operated for 8 years until mid-2012.

Most of the principles and ideas inherent in that bookseller co-operative have been carried over into the new site.

All Bookzangle sellers have bound themselves to our Customer guarantees which govern each and every transaction with our customers.

You can shop for items with perfect confidence, knowing that the items offered are as described and will be shipped to you promptly upon your order, carefully and professionally packaged.

The sellers accepted at Bookzangle are all conscientious, high-quality online retailers, and we do not permit sellers who simply re-list other people's stock en masse, or who provide hundreds of listings of the same title, or who list books with such absurdities as "Binding Unknown" and the like.

In consequence, we believe that Bookzangle is one of the world's premier bookselling sites for quality of offering, speed and efficiency of service to customers, and the integrity and honesty of both its book listings, and the bookselling members standing behind those listings.

It's all about harnessing the enormous power of the internet while maintaining the personal satisfaction and comfort of dealing with a real, live, bookseller; an actual person sitting behind an actual telephone to assist with any special needs, wants, difficulties or problems which may arise.

In other words, you can safely and securely order any of the books listed at this site knowing that you are dealing in person with a combined group of careful and caring booksellers from around the globe.

A Message from our Founder

Hi there,

In 2004 I, and a small group of booksellers from around the world, teamed up with an ace programmer to create what became the World Book Market bookseller co-operative and books listing site.

That operation has now morphed into this exciting new bookselling/book-buying website, Bookzangle.

In starting this venture, we were unhappy with the rather slipshod method of offering books for sale online coming from all the big sites, and wanted to create a quality booksellers place of our very own, with its own high standards and dedication to quality online retailing.

Over the years this has grown at a steady pace, to the extent where this site is now one of the world's best and safest marketplaces for buying books online.

We take as much pleasure in handling and selling our books as you do in buying and reading or collecting them, and most of us are avid readers and book collectors ourselves.

We all hope you enjoy using our site, and our members can collectively guarantee that your experience with us will be pleasurable and rewarding.

Guy Weller Mr Pickwick's Books Katoomba, Australia
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