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Our History and Plans

Our History

Whilst Bookzangle was only launched in 2012, it has behind it eight years of operation of the former bookseller co-operative The World Book Market (WBM) from which it has grown.

The World Book Market (WBM) was started in 2004 as a co-operative by a small group of booksellers from the UK, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

It was felt by those booksellers that the existing, larger bookselling sites lacked key ingredients of customer satisfaction guarantees and of quality-based book listings.

Our idea was to create a pool of dedicated and quality-conscious booksellers, and to maintain those standards by way of screening all prospective new members to ensure they matched these initial standards we had set.

The Bookzangle site has bookseller listing members from all over the world, but is run and operated from a location in Australia, with its file server based in the USA. It is in consequence a truly international site.

As well as providing a superior customer service, the site operators also work to create special and sophisticated software routines for its members to assist their book listing activities not only at our own site, but at all the other sites where our members upload and display their books.

Our Members consequently are offered a very powerful books-listing database; automated data and picture forwarding routines to all their other sites; capacity to send variable data to different sites from the same source data, and a veritable host of other software tools and benefits friendly to their bookselling businesses.

For a more detailed list of the benefits our Members currently enjoy see the Members Benefits and Fees page.

First the World Book Market and now Bookzangle have built for themselves in a relatively short life-span a highly-respected position in the online bookselling world, and our reputation is high amongst our large body of dedicated customers, and the bookselling community in general.

Our Future Plans

Since most of our initially-planned bookselling software routines are now completed or near-completed, our primary new goal is to increase our bookselling membership until we have achieved a "critical mass" of quality listings which make the site more practically useful for our browsing book buyers.

We are nevertheless also continuously upgrading our kit of software tools and resources shared with and enjoyed by our bookseller Members, and improving the search and browse routines on this site to the greater comfort and enjoyment of our book-buying customers.

Specifically, we will shortly launch our user-definable direct email catalogue system, which will enable our Members to send regular and automated mini-catalogues (including pictures) to those customers who have ordered them.

For our booksellers we will also be providing a direct and fully-automated upload capacity for the mega-sites eBay and Amazon. Both are currently catered for, but with separate upload paths.

On-site video clips of our Members' rarer books, with voice-over from the bookseller, is another exciting new development on the drawing boards for both booksellers and our customers.

One thing is for certain: the Bookzangle website (and our bookseller tool kits) will continue to experience constant and regular expansion, enhancement and growth.