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Bookseller Application

Bookzangle is actively seeking Bookseller members from around the world.

We have a set of minimum requirements for the type of members and listings we will accept - any conscientious online bookseller of used or new books need not fear these.

Before applying you should carefully read the following which details what services we offer to book-selling members and what we accept:

All membership levels permit listings of your books and pictures at the Bookzangle site, and any sales achieved are commission-free.

BRONZE is the entry level, at AUD$60 all-up fee for 6 months and has a number of free software benefits and utilities which come as part of the package (e.g. auto-forwarding of your listings and pictures to multiple sites, use of our top-notch bookseller database etc.)

SILVER and GOLD memberships carry a higher fee, at AUD$180 for 6 months for SILVER. GOLD level is still under construction, and fees for that are To Be Advised. These advanced membership levels also carry a far wider range of software utilities and benefits as part of the package.

For full details of the software and listing benefits relevant to each category, and a schedule of relevant fees, see the Member Benefits and Fees page.

Please allow us at least seven days to process your application.

Required Fields are marked in this colour.
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Required Information - Part One: Essential Terms

Please read the following carefully, and if you do NOT agree to these conditions do not proceed with this Application.
  1. I declare that I have read and agree to the Seller Agreement as published by Bookzangle and updated from time to time.
  2. I declare that I wish to join Bookzangle in order to use some or all of the software routines on offer and NOT in the hope of gaining immediate new sales from the listing site itself (any sales achieved I shall consider a "bonus" to my use of the Member software routines).
  3. I understand that all Technical Support at Bookzangle occurs via its Members' Forum, and not by way of one-to-one emails or phone support, and undertake to post any and all technical queries or site/software problems encountered into that Forum's Technical Support area.
  4. I will not email support request directly to Bookzangle except solely in the event I am having difficulties logging onto my Member Account.
  5. I am aware that once a Member I must update my listings at least once per month, particularly to swiftly remove any Sold listings, so that if and when I DO get orders at the site I will not regularly have to reject them as "previously sold" which tends to alienate customers from returning and diminishes the site's value for all the other members.

Public Data
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Required Information - Part Two: Public Information
This information will be displayed to your customers at Bookzangle in your About Us section.
(The user name you will use to access your Bookzangle Account)
(Please use international format - eg +61 2 4782 7598)
(We will send visitor enquiries/orders to this address.)
(If different to Main Email Address: We will send Invoices to this address.)
State/Province okay
What methods of payment do you currently accept?:
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Please enter here the information exactly as you would like us to display it in your "Contact Bookseller" Page at Bookzangle's web site (if you wish you can copy-and-paste these entries from some other website you sell at.):
(The "About Us" text should be descriptive as it is also displayed on the "Home Page" of your Automated Private Website)
(The "Terms of Trade" text should be descriptive as it is also displayed on the "Terms of Trade Page" of your Automated Private Website)
(The "Trading Hours" text is also displayed on the "Terms of Trade Page" of your Automated Private Website)

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Optional Information - Apart from the Web, Blog and Facebook details this information will NOT be displayed to Bookzangle visitors.
(Leave blank if you do not have a web site)
(Leave blank if you do not have a blog site)
(Leave blank if you do not have a Facebook Page)

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Required Information - Part Three: Private Information
The following information will NOT be displayed to Bookzangle visitors.

About yourself and your business; the following data will help assist in our planning of new/improved routines for the benefit of all our members.
Which sites do you currently list and /or sell at?:
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Please tell us a little about yourself, your bookselling experience and what has mainly attracted you to apply for Membership of Bookzangle.
In particular, please advise us which of our Software Utilities and Tools you think you are likely to use once you become a member.