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Bookseller Information

Can my book-store become a member?

Bookzangle is actively seeking booksellers to join our growing band of members.

All membership levels permit listings of your books and pics at the Bookzangle site, and any sales achieved thereafter are entirely commission-free.

BRONZE membership is the entry level, at AUD$60 all-up fee for 6 months and has a number of free software benefits and utilities which come as part of the package (e.g. auto-forwarding of your listings and pictures to multiple sites, use of our top-notch bookseller database etc.)

SILVER and GOLD memberships carry a higher fee, at AUD$180 per 6 months for Silver. Gold level is still being developed, and fees for that are TBA. These advanced membership levels also carry a far wider range of software utilities and benefits as part of the package.

Full details of the various bonus software benefits had by Bookzangle Members at both these levels are detailed on our Members Benefits and Fees page.

Can absolutely anyone join the site as a seller?

Well, no, not exactly.

Bookzangle does have some minimum quality requirements for all its sellers accepted onto the site, so as to maintain the overall quality of the site itself, and guarantee satisfaction to our customers buying books here.

These are not particularly onerous minimum listing conditions, and include such things as making a Binding field mandatory for all listings (so that customers know whether they are buying a softcover or a hardcover book), and an insistence that nonsense phrases in book descriptions such as "May have remainder marks" or "May contain underlining or highlighting throughout" simply do not appear on our bookselling site (as they do on various others).

We are looking for compatible bookseller-members, with a clear commitment to quality of listings, care with descriptions, and a proven track record of good service to customers.

You can see more details of the minimum listings quality standards required at Bookzangle on the Customer Guarantee from our Booksellers page.

How do I apply to join the site as a Seller?

To become a Member of Bookzangle you need to complete our Application Form

Before doing that, you should consider spending a little time looking at other pages in this website e.g. Member Benefits and Membership Fees, the About Us page and our various pages governing our policies, history, and so on.

For a more detailed view as to what type of bookseller we are seeking (and perhaps those we are not!) you can see our Requirements for a new member.

If your Application is successful, you will be enrolled with a member Account at Bookzangle, and will be given access to your member Dashboard from which you can start accessing all the software tools and routines available free to all Members, including some available at the fee-free, entry-level Bronze Membership.

You can also use this Dashboard to start uploading your listings and pictures to Bookzangle.

What "extra" benefits does a Bookzangle Member get upon joining?

These vary depending upon which membership-level you select in your Application Form - Bronze, Silver or Gold.

These extra software tools and resources assisting your listing at all your sites apart from this one cover a wide range of practical benefits, as well as access to a sophisticated Helpdesk environment for technical support on issues concerning online bookselling generally (not just Bookzangle-related matters).

See the Members Benefits and Fees page for a summary of member benefits and software tools available at all three levels of Membership.