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Free Bookfinder Service

Leave your request for a book, or books by a certain author, or books in a nominated subject area, and the Members of the Bookzangle will try and source it for you.

This is a FREE SERVICE, no fees are charged if or when we locate the item you are seeking, and you are under no obligation to purchase it if and when we do so.

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Your Details

Use this section to enter your name, email address and the location where you live.

We will use this information to contact you and as well as provide you with accurate shipping details should we find any books matching your request.

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Your Request

Enter your request for a particular author, book or subject area using this section. For multiple book titles by the same author use one title per line (up to twenty-five titles allowed).

If you have an interest in a particular subject (eg Astronomy, Railways, US Civil War, etc) you can just enter it in the Subject Area - there is no need to specify an author and you must not enter a book title.

If you are searching for a particular book, or books, then do not use the Subject field. If you are searching for books in a particular subject then do not use the Title field.

You must enter information in at least one of these fields: Last Name of Author, Titles or Subject Area


Only enter a Subject if you are not looking for a particular title by the Author.

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Optional information

Use this section to refine your request. Only enter, or change, information here if you are searching for specific edition(s), etc.

You should only use this section for a SINGLE title requested, not for multiple titles from the one author. If you want to have this optional material attached to your Requests, make a separate request for each title, with the attributes specific to each title added.

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