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Our Bookseller Database

Downloading your Bookseller Database

Before downloading a copy of the database you must join Bookzangle as a book-selling member.

Our Bronze level membership is a modest AUD$60 for 6 months (AUD$10/month or about USD$8 at current exchange rates), and permits you to download and use the software at extra no cost or charge. You can later upgrade to the Silver level membership at any time (recommended for serious professional users of the database).

Becoming a Bookzangle Bronze member also permits you to upload your books and pictures to the Bookzangle book-selling site, and carries some important bonus software benefits and software tools helping you grow your sales at other sites.

You also gain access as a Silver or Gold site member to Advanced Technical Support via the Silver & Gold Members' Technical Forum, and you receive important updates and upgrades to the database over the year as part of the overall package.

For full details of all the book-selling software benefits enjoyed by free Bronze-level members see our Member Benefits & Fees page.

If you are already a Bookzangle Member (any level) click here to download your version of the database:

I am a Bookzangle Member - Download the Bookzangle Database

Apply to join Bookzangle as a Book-selling Member

Software Platforms and Technical Requirements

This software is a free Runtime Application constructed using Filemaker Pro.

It requires a software platform of Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8 or 10 to operate.

A matching Apple Macintosh Runtime version is under final development, and will be made available along with the Windows version in the near future.

Macintosh users who own a recent copy of Filemaker Pro can use this database right now in Macintosh format if they apply to join Bookzangle as Silver Members, and are accepted. Under those circumstances, a full Macintosh file will be made available to any Bookzangle Silver or Gold Member who requests a copy.

The Bookzangle bookseller database is fully stand-alone and requires no external software to run. It may be installed on as many computers as a user wishes. It is entirely portable, and can be run off a data stick as well as a fixed hard drive.

About the Bookzangle Database

The BZ-DB Bookseller Database comes in two versions: Bronze and Silver either of which may be downloaded and used without extra charge or fee by any Member. The Silver version has significantly greater power and capacity than its Bronze cousin.

Both versions are updated and improved regularly, with automated tools supplied to upgrade existing data from older versions into the new. Full technical support is also provided via our Helpdesk Forum.

Booksellers using our database are loud in its praises, and consider it second-to-none as a multi-site book sales maximisation tool.

This is primarily because it is a bookseller-designed piece of software, designed to maximise your sales at all your selling sites, including Amazon (for which it has special routines on board to enlarge and enrich your exposure and sales there).

It is extremely easy to use and drive, and is designed to deliver top-class power to a bookseller who is not necessarily a technical guru. It uses very easy-to-navigate menus and pages, and is intuitive in its operation.

Unlike Homebase and similar databases, BZ-DB is unrestricted in its power of Find Records, and Search and Replace of data across multiple fields. You can isolate any category or group amongst your listings and then perform data changes across any of the fields very quickly and efficiently.

BZ-DB is "menu driven" meaning that most of the fields for Publisher, Binding, Category, Edition, Condition, Spine State, Previous Owner Marks, Signed by Author, Extended Dust Jacket Condition, Previous Owner Inscriptions and many similar fields are all driven by a set of drop-down menu lists which you can select with the mouse, and which you can add to or edit as you please.

The database comes supplied with some 500 bookseller-designed, pre-set phrases and useful tags across all these fields, which you can use "as is" or change as you wish.

The database contains what we consider to be the most advanced routines available for uploading books to Amazon. Our system employs user-manipulable tab-delimited export formats where the user can blend various different approaches globally and per listing to achieve a genuine 100% success rating at that most (technically) difficult of listing sites.

The BZ-DB has a full spell-checker on every field; can print out typeset-style Print Catalogues (plain paper or to text files for email) of all or selected groupings of listings; will generate automatically prepared invoices to customers with full listing details inserted; can generate automated emails to customers with full book details and headers and footers of the user's choice automatically inserted, and many similar or related features.

The database comes with its own advanced error checking facilities and tools, so that a "wrong" ISBN entered will instantly flash an error warning onto screen, and there are special buttons for you to find and display all or any records which are missing data in crucial fields such as Edition, Publisher, Binding, Category and other key fields which ideally should all be populated for maximum effect of listings at sites like Abebooks.

The BZ-DB comes with a number of pre-set Print List formats (including one which generates a list of Cost vs Retail price and a complete Inventory Check with $ and % values. There are also inbuilt and automated Sort routines so you can sort your listings alphabetically by author/title or by price or by any other chosen field before printing a List or a Print Catalogue.

All in all, our BZ-DB is very much a Rolls Royce of bookseller inventory management and data uploading systems, and is designed to interface with our Bookzangle file-server in a number of important ways to generate various audit and cross-checking results and reports, which are detailed elsewhere in this list of benefits for Members.